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Robotic Empire August Update. Thou 12" sale!

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Got a tiny little update for you guys this week as we wait for more goodies to arrive. With new releases from HOLLOW SUNSHINE, THOU, and ROSETTA it's small but worth checking out!  Also a great new release from North Carolina band BASK which we've been jammin' lately.  Check them out if you enjoy bands along the lines of ANCIENT SKY & ACROSS TUNDRAS. (and don't forget we've got those ANCIENT SKY - Mosaic tapes in the online store Mosaic Tapes!


Hope everyone got the time they needed to take advantage of the T-shirt sale we ran last month, thanks for picking up some new threads and helping us make room for new designs coming into the shop in the next few weeks.  Be on the lookout for a new T-shirt from WRONG and a new ROBOTIC EMPIRE label shirt as well!


THOU has been doing some shows with FALSE and have some great shows lined up for October with THE BODY so we've decided to put both The Sacrifice & Baton Rouge 12"s on sale to give everyone the chance to pick up those amazing albums if you haven't already.  You can find those here Thou Sale along with their new split with GREAT FALLS


Here's the complete list of everything new to the shop this week and a list below from our previous update in July:



Bask    -    American Hollow    12"    (Wonder)     $14.99

Cloud Rat    -    Moksha    12"    (IFB)     $9.99

Cloud Rat / Xtra Vomit    -    Split - BROWN COLORED VINYL    12"    (IFB)     $9.99

Hollow Sunshine    -    Bring Gold - MILKY CLEAR COLORED VINYL    12"    (Iron Pier)     $9.99

Le Almeida    -    Paraleloplasmos    12"    (IFB)     $9.99

Republic of Dreams / Autarkeia    -    Split    7"    (IFB)     $4.99

Rosetta    -    Quintessential Ephemera - GREEN SPLATTER COLORED VINYL    2x12"    (War Crime)     $23.99

SFN / In Disgust    -    Split    7"    (Drugged Conscience)     $4.99

Tape Rec    -    Death Friends    12"    (IFB)     $9.99

Thou / Great Falls    -    Split    7"    (Hell Comes Home)     $7.99

Wymyn's Prysyn    -    Head in a Vise    12"    (Drugged Conscience)     $9.99



Ancient Sky    -    Mosaic    12"    (Wharf Cat)     $18.99

Ancient Sky    -    Mosaic    Cassette    (Robotic Empire)     $4.99

Boris / Merzbow    -    Sun Baked Snow Cave    2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Cave In    -    Antenna    2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Cave In    -    Creative Eclipses    12"    (Hydra Head)     $9.99

Cave In    -    Shapeshifter Dead Already    Cassette    (Hydra Head)     $4.99

Cave In    -    White Silence    12"    (Hydra Head)     $11.99

Converge    -    Caring & Killing - Early Years 11-14     2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Cripple Bastards    -    Misantropo A Senso Unico - Redux Edition    12"+7"    (Foad)     $15.99

Daughters    -    Daughters    12"    (Hydra Head)     $9.99

Discordance Axis    -    Jouhou    2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Discordance Axis    -    Original Sound Version 12-5 - CLEAR COLORED VINYL    2x12"+7"    (Hydra Head)     $22.99

Godflesh    -    A World Lit Only By Fire    12"    (Avalanche)     $11.99

Godflesh    -    A World Lit Only By Fire    Cassette    (Hydra Head)     $4.99

Godflesh    -    Decline & Fall    Cassette    (Hydra Head)     $4.99

Godflesh    -    Decline & Fall    12"    (Avalanche)     $11.99

Harkonen / These Arms Are Snakes    -    Split - MILKY WHITE COLORED 1 SIDED VINYL    12"    (Mind Over Matter)     $11.99

Harvey Milk    -    Life...The Best Game In Town - CONFETTI COLORED VINYL    2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Jesu    -    Conqueror    2x12"    (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Jesu - Heart Ache & Dethroned 2x12'' *BLACK VINYL* (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Jodis - Black Curtain 12'' *BLACK VINYL* (Hydra Head)     $19.99

Jodis - Secret House 2x12'' *BLACK VINYL* (Hydra Head)     $24.99

Kayo Dot - Blue Lambency Downward 12'' *WHITE COLORED VINYL* (Hydra Head)     $14.99

Old Man Gloom    -    Meditations in B    12"    (Hydra Head)     $9.99

Old Man Gloom - Christmas 2x12'' *BLACK VINYL* (Tortuga)     $19.99

Old Man Gloom - No CASSETTE (Sige)     $4.99

Terrorizer    -    Before The Downfall    2x12"    (Foad)     $24.99

Yacopsae    -    Einstweilinge Vernichtung - BLUE COLORED VINYL    12"    (Foad)     $14.99


Hit up our Online Store for all the above and many other items.

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