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WTB/WTTF: La Dispute Wildlife, TSSF/STYG Tour 7" Underoath, Breaking OST Pinkman, Senses Fail,

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My best friend passed away recently she loved coming over and listening to my collection that I unfortunetly had to get rid of I am trying to slowly piece back together what my collection was before she passed in memory of her. Thank you!

Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns 7" Split - Tour Variant with screen printed jacket - Tri-Color, Beer Splatter, (Prefferably Tri-Color) - This 7" has so many great memories attached to it and has alot of sentimental value to me. Would definetly make my year to get this variant back in my collection.

(Someone awesome got me the brown/black Starburst variant Thank you so much) Would still collect the other variants if anyone has them. But I am extremely grateful for the variant that was picked up for me already!!!

La Dispute - Wildlife - Brown/Black Starburst/Pink/Forrest Green Starburst Tried to buy the brown and black starburst from Jeremysi but he wants up to $75 but he is the same guy who blackmailed me over $110 worth of records I sold him that he said showed up with the right side top of the mailer ripped off and the jackets smushed in and the records were fine (clearly done himself). Told me that if I didn't give him $55 back or my Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Grey Swirl he would open a paypal claim and get the total $110 and not return the damaged records (damaged jackets) So I sent him Coheed so he would leave me alone.

Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic - Pink

Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon - Hot Pink/Black Half and Half first pressing

Blink 182 - Grestest Hits

Blink 182 - Self Titled - Pink/White Swirl First Pressing

Circa Survive On Letting Go - 3rd press Purple Or 2nd press Black and Blue Swirl (preffferably the swirl like I used to own)

Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (Deluxe prefferably)

Childish Gambino - Because the Internet with 72 page screenplay (I ordered this on Urban Outfitters with a coupon it only cost me $40 but I got an e-mail saying it's not now backordered until august then got another e-mail saying it's backordered until October so I'm kinda concerned they won't end up even having it)

Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave - Random Color

Coheed And Cambria - No World For Tomorrow

Coheed - The Afterman Deluxe (Gold/Silver) Vinyl Set.

Coheed - In Keeping Secrets - Grey Swirl

Deftones - White Pony (Silver)

Defontes - Saturday Night Wrist (Green)

Deftones (Around The Fur (Orange)

Senses Fail - The Fire (Any Variant)

Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You

Senses fail - From the depths of dreamss

Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - White, Light Blue Or Clear.

Paramore - All We Know Is Falling Hot Topic Marbled Teal Variant

Moneen - The Red Tree either Pressing I already have the demo's for the RSD pressing

minus the bear - acoustics ((the first one)

the mars volta - bedlam in goliath w/ bonus 7"

The Story So Far - Under And Dirt Early Cream with splatter or clear with green splatter Pressing.

MxPX - Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo

MxPx - The Ever Passing Moment

Breaking Bad Original Soundtrack - Jesse Pinkman Edition - With Certificate and poster if possible.

Linkin Park - Meteora Hot Topic Gold Variant

the Wonder Years - Suburbia - Baby Blue, Half grey/orange or Hot Topic Orange Variant

The Used - Self Titled

The Used - In Love And Death (Black)

Underoath -- Define The Great Line

Underoath - Chasing Safety

Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation Deluxe Boxset - 2X10" Sawblade shaped vinyl complete with certificate and everything.

I definetly don't expect to find all of these anytime soon if at all but any help is greatly appreciated.

I am mainly looking to trade but will definetly buy if i have the money that is. So if anyone does have some of these please PM me or leave a message on here thank you so much!

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Updated with one I forgot Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns 7" Split Tour Variant With Screen Printed Jacket I had the Tri-Color Variant which I would prefer, but will not turn down the beer splatter or oxblood variants this one was very special to me if anyone has the tri-colored one and is willing to help me out with it please PM me and hopefully we can work something out that will benefit both of us. No more posts from me today I'm very sorry if it looked like I was trying to bump this topic that wasn't my intention at all. Thank you all again.

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