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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2

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I received my copy of part 2 from Amazon today. LP1 is a translucent grey with smoke and LP2 is a solid blue marble. I thought they were both going to be grey marble for some reason. I haven't gotten a chance to spin it yet to hear sound quality but they def look cool. Jacket quality as a little lower than part 1 though... the back image is pixelated.





I can CONFIRM that my copy from MOV is black (Smoke) and blue (marbled) as well. Very pleased on how these releases turned out. Wish they would do Sorcerer's Stone 

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Wish they would do Sorcerer's Stone 


INFO From New On Vinyl <[email protected]>
Jeffrey Gleich
Today at 2:40 AM
Hello Jeffrey, 
Thank you for sending your mail. And thank you for all your kind words.
Good to hear that you like the record. We are working on the other Harry Potters soundtracks.
So hopefully that will all be ready around the holidays. 
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I hope Barnes & Noble isn't the only place you can get this internationally - their customer service is a joke.


I pre-ordered their exclusives of Ryan Adams - 1989 and We Love Disney and didn't receive either. They ship based on proximity to their warehouses rather than the order transactions went through, so being based in the UK I was consistently at the bottom of their list until they sold out.


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12 hours ago, maxkuliev said:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming in August. Barnes and Noble has it listed as an exclusive, but It might just be a specific color. 



Do we think these will see a MOV pressing as well or just B&N? 

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anddddd if i would have done 3 seconds worth of research I would have seen that it was posted on Amazon for pre-order




Is this worth making it's own thread? maybe OP wants to update the title to "Harry Potter Soundtracks" or something?

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