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Manufactured Recordings (Part of Omnian Music Group, Captured Tracks)

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Hey all! 


It's been a minute since I posted here - I had to take time off for a bit to protect my wallet, it was getting a little crazy with pre-order paypal madness, haha. 


However, in the meantime, I've had a pretty cool update on a personal note: I just started working at new-ish reissues record label, which is associated with another more established record label. Life's been interesting!


Would you guys be up for hearing about records and stuff we have in the works? I'd love to share news, if people are into it. (I'll actually use the label's real names too, in that case.) Wanted to take the temperature on that idea first, though.



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Haha. Yeah, this is playing out pretty much how I pictured it!


We'll have a whole mix of stuff, from post punk to indie, to jazz and funk/soul, maybe some powerpop down the line, some avant electronic, who knows. 


I can't guarantee everyone's gonna love every release, but I bet some people will at least like some of them.

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So, I recently started a new job at a reissues record label called Manufactured Recordings, which is a part of Omnian Music Group, which also oversees Captured Tracks


The label has only been around for about a year so far, and has issued about 25 releases to date. So far, most have been cassette and 7" records, usually in themed bundles. Some of the artist series we've put out so far include:

The Marine Girls

The Monochrome Set

Hasil Adkins


There have also been a series of Metal Blade tape reissues, featuring SlayerVoivodCorrosion of ConformityTrouble and Cryptic Slaughter! Those things are all killer - many haven't been in print since the early 80s.


There was also a DIY 7" reissue series with a bunch of small or private press singles from NJ punk band The AcceleratorsAbsent FriendsFour Gods (members of Go-Betweens) and a Belgian coldwave band called Nausea. Fairly obscure stuff, but really cool!


Now, we are gearing up for a series of full length LP releases, including:

- An expanded reissue of the first Momus LP, "Circus Maximus" with three additional out of print EPs added.
- A complete discography of the New Zealand band The Wild Poppies, "Heroine: The Wild Poppies Complete Collection, (1986-1989)"
- A reissue of the sole LP from a band called The Beach Bullies "We Rule The Universe". These guys were friends of Robyn Hitchcock and The Soft Boys back in 1980.
Release dates are not yet established for those three above, but I'll keep everyone posted when we have more to announce. The Beach Bullies and Wild Poppies releases will each have a limited color vinyl edition as well. 
And further down the line, we will have some more diverse releases in soul, funk, gospel, jazz, post-punk, powerpop and eventually some more metal too. I hope to be very busy! If anyone has any questions on this stuff, feel free to hit me up here, or shoot me a PM. In the meantime, we have a few songs up to sample on our YouTube page as well.
Thanks guys!
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys! I have some updated info on a few of our upcoming releases. Some short descriptions are posted below, but click on the titles for full details. 


Thanks! And let me know if you have any questions.


MFG-027 // The Beach Bullies 'We Rule The Universe'

LP and Expanded CD


In January of 1980, James A. Smith’s band, The Containers (which, at one time, featured his friend Robyn Hitchcock of The Soft Boys on guitar) suddenly broke up and he was left on his own. With only a guitar, a drum machine and his friend Jill on backup vocals, he formed The Beach Bullies. Their dual vocals and minimal approach recall The Television Personalities and Young Marble Giants, as well as later acts like The Vaselines. This reissue presents their long out of print debut with a bonus download of demos and rough mixes for a never-released follow-up album.




MFG-031 // The Wild Poppies 'Heroine: The Wild Poppies Complete Collection, (1986-1989)

2xLP and Deluxe CD


Arriving at the back end of the ‘80s, The Wild Poppies resided somewhere between the jangle pop of The Rain Parade and The Church and the proto-shoegaze of Loop and Spacemen 3. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, but basing themselves in Oxford, The Wild Poppies played often with well-known 80's contemporaries such as Ride and Swervedriver and forged a name for themselves as a touring favorite, before dissolving in the face of the impending U.K. rave culture. While their material sells for hundreds in online auctions, this 2xLP collection compiles their complete discography, along with a full digital download of all tracks, at a fraction of the typical asking price.



MFG-034 Momus // 'Circus Maximus'

Expanded 2xLP and Deluxe CD


The wily and prolific musician known as Momus began his career in 1986 with “Circus Maximus,” a quietly striking collection of inventive acoustic songs. With a sunny voice befitting Donovan and musicianship worthy of Bert Jansch, Momus delivers what some consider the template for early Belle & Sebastian. This expanded 2xLP edition features the long out of print debut LP, plus his first three out-of-print singles, which were recorded around the same time as 'Circus Maximus'.


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