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PO: Queen - The Studio Collection (Coloured Vinyl Box Set)


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£285 in the UK: That's about £15 per LP. Which is actually cheaper than a lot of new albums coming out nowadays (tame impala is going for about £20-25 in stores now) Plus this has that book and box and that. It's still a lot of money to shell out in one go, but I think for what you get it's pretty decent.

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So I picked up some of these over the weekend. Got A Night At The Opera, A Day At The Races, and Innuendo. Surprisingly they're really good pressings with no warps or noise or anything, and they sound great, unlike the Iron Maiden reissues which are pretty flat and dull sounding. Going to have to check out some more for sure :)

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I received my scratch and dent ImportCDs box set yesterday.  $211 shipped and money well spent.  The box has a quarter size dent on top, looks like something may have been dropped on it, and 3 of the jackets inside have small top seam splits, but that's all stuff I can live with to save $100+.  I played Innuendo and The Miracle last night and they sound AMAZING.  The book that comes with the box set is really cool, lots of awesome pictures and stories.  The set up for the box set is similar to the Beatles set.  If you're into Queen and can find this at a reasonable price I can't recommend it enough.

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