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Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

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I suck, I'm late! Sorryyy!


Hello secretive santa,


I'm Jess, I'm 24 and living outside of Richmond VA. I'm a sucker for dogs, specifically bully breeds. I own a pretty cute American Bulldog mix, his name is Walter White. You guessed it...I'm obsessed with Breaking Bad. Autumn is my favorite season and sunsets make me happiest.

I also have a corn snake. Reptiles are interesting, I think they have old souls. I'm hoping to get a King snake and a Hognose at some point!


I only started collecting records a little over 6 months ago. My collection isnt huge, but I have time! Colored vinyl is my favorite. I'm a sucker for a cool variant.

I love to read, watch horror movies, get tattooed and travel. Hockey is my absolute favorite sport and the Blackhawks are my team. Bryan Bickell is probably my favorite player, I love what he does for pit bulls. If you dont know of his work, check out the Bickell Foundation :)


Books - I like horror/apocalyptic type books. Some of my favorites are The Passage and Let The Right One In. I also really enjoy anything by Edgar Allan Poe.


Movies - Cult classic horror films are my favorite! I was super disappointed in the Evil Dead remake, its a sensitive subject. Just about anything with ghosts, or demons is pretty cool to me. Ti West is one of my favorite directors, he's a creative mind in modern horror. "Torture porn" sucks to me. That's Saw, Hostel, etc. Less is more in a scary movie!

I love Tim Burton. Frankenweenie is the coolest pup. ParaNorman was cool too. I actually pretty much enjoy all animated movies.

I also really, really like zombies. And not that World War Z, fast moving zombie crap. Slow and brain eating.


Traditional tattoos really appeal to me. I have quite a few. The bold lines and bright colors stand out most. Richmond is known for being a heavily tattooed city and I like that.


Travel - In the past two years I've had the opportunity to see some really cool places. The 3 that I loved the most were Los Angeles, Chicago and Pittsburgh. PGH was by far my favorite. The Northeast is beautiful.


Music - My favorite band is and always will be The Dangerous Summer, despite all their bullshit. I have a Reach For The Sun tattoo, thats my favorite of their 3 records. I was so stoked to get that on white vinyl. I really like discovering new music and I'm always open to new suggestions. I've had an ear for more R&B and rap than usual. Lately I've been bumping a lot of The Weeknd and Childish Gambino. I'm also a sucker for pop music. Halsey's Badlands will probably be my album of the year. Or maybe Citizen's Everybody is Going to Heaven. I havent quite decided.


I'm positive I'm forgetting something because I'm sitting at work, a lot of people are talking to me and I cant multi task to save my life. 


Anyway, thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll update this again when I think of more useless information!

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hi Secret Santa. sorry I'm late with this!

name's Cesar. I live in Los Angeles, 27-turning-28 in November.

I always don't know what to write in any "About Me" section so bear with me.


music: as you can tell by my tradelist, my music taste is very eccentric. Lately, I've been on a Soul kick that I doubt will go away any time soon. besides that, I'm not picky at all. please, surprise me with no stuff I've not heard of.


T.V.: I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan. anything Seinfeld, I will absolutely love.

movies: horror and Arnold films. period.

sports: Red Sox. all day everyday.

booze: I drink every now and then. I recently got into a stout called Modern Times and I can't get enough of that stuff.

food: I love food. seriously. if I could have a job that consists of me eating all day, I would do it.

favorite color: forest green

shoes: I wear Vans ALL the time. I think I have over 30 pairs. (size 10, IF YOU SO WISH)


misc: I like to commute to work on my bicycle 3 days out of the week. I really like socks. I know it's so weird and people hate receiving them as a gift but I fucking love them. Ankle, long, doesn't matter as long as they are not white. I love peanut butter. most times when I stay in, I open a beer, spin a record and do word search puzzles for HOURS.


here's my IG so you can see what a day in my life is like: https://instagram.com/ceserrano/


Thanks in advance Secret Santa!!!

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What is everyone dressing up as for Halloween?

Jesse Pinkman and my dog will be Walter...because that's his name. We're doing the whole yellow hazmat suits, respirators and rock candy disguised as blue ice deal.


This is my pup in all of his Heisenberg glory. 


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