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2 hours ago, Nesmaster75 said:

Have you heard anything about this since posting? I've had that page up forever to grab it, and with stock pretty low right now, not sure if I should pull the trigger or not. Thanks! 

I would pull the trigger on it for sure. I’ve listened to this album so many times on my phone, and I cannot wait to have it in my collection. 


But same with stlben, mine actually shipped yesterday as well! I contacted Materia Collective and they said the first batch of shipment went out and the rest will be shipped this week. 

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Tight this thread just exists for people in the know to feel elite and brag?

this is why we need downvotes back

9 minutes ago, Ogrejoyed said:

Also, someone posted a Cheetamen 2 vinyl record he found at goodwill on instagram. Anyone know anything about this? I can’t find anything.

Finding it at Goodwill was an April Fool’s joke. He’s been working on pressing that album for a bit, think release info will be out soon.

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13 hours ago, Ogrejoyed said:

If anyone knows ANYONE that is selling either the Splatoon 2 Picture Disc or the Hyrule Fantasy 12" Zelda record, please holler at me. Those are my two biggest wants in my collection. 

Dang!! Didn't even know this splatoon record existed. Looks like I have a new white whale 

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22 minutes ago, ghost said:

For anyone wondering about Final Fantasy Distant Worlds sound quality, it's terrible. Disks came scuffed up and full of paper debris and the sound distorts at higher volumes. And it seems like a universal problem.


It wasn't universal for me.  I cut my DW1 records right out of the paper sleeves since I was worried they were being damaged upon removal for most people, then gave them a clean before spinning them.  I had no scratching or paper debris.  Side B was pressed slightly off-center but it isn't audible to me in my copy, just a tiny side-to-side on the tonearm.  And pitch warble is something I am normally very sensitive to / frustrated by. 

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