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4 hours ago, whoa said:

FF7 LP for EU folk https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07TNVWQB2/

€55/shipped is GOOOOOOD.


AND shiptoshore have 50% off VGM vinyl https://www.shiptoshoremedia.com/store


€55 no longer available from Amazon.fr.  They must have caught the mistake.  Hopefully they deliver!

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SL9 Newsletter:

"Anyone who missed out on this release in the past, take note! This may be the last time that we offer the best-selling THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT “ORIGINAL GAME SCORE” vinyl for sale, so don't miss out! This time around, we are offering both standard Double LP and complete Four LP editions as detailed below.

2LP Edition: Features the full 120-minute, 35-track core game score on two LPs.

4LP Edition: Features the full core game score plus the music from the “Hearts of Stone” and “Blood and Wine” expansion packs as bonus third and fourth LPs.

Both versions of THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT “ORIGINAL GAME SCORE”  feature exclusive colored vinyl and comes packaged in a deluxe tri-fold jacket featuring stunning custom artwork.


Sale begins Tuesday, July 11th @ 1pm EST at SPACELAB9.COM "

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33 minutes ago, DoublesGuy said:

They have a total monopoly on online sales including records. Their prices have gone up and their customer service has gone down. Oh well. 

My prime ended before the price increase and I don't regret shopping elsewhere. I haven't missed out on anything worthwhile since.

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Are we sure it’s going up for sure tomorrow?  Maybe it’s just an announcement for an announcement.


Just wondering because I heard no teasing about this whatsoever beforehand.  Maybe I just don’t follow them close enough.  Seems like this would be too big of a deal to just be like “hey this is coming out tomorrow!”

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