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Mixed feels on Halo 5. Multiplayer's too much like COD now. 4's story just wasn't the same. Any why ANOTHER composer? Guess I can always rent the game and buy the soundtrack if need be.


First Halo game I'm not excited for... and if this was only Marty O'Donnell's soundtracks, I'd be over this in a heartbeat!

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I feel ya, it does seem to have a whole new feel to it. But I'm still on board, I dug 4 but I understand why some people didn't. 

I enjoyed 4, but when I got into records, I completely shifted decision as to where my money goes. I never ended up getting an Xbox ONE :/


If there was a cheap one, I'd buy it so I could play Halo 5 (gotta test the waters to make an informed decision) and Fallout 4 (who the fuck doesn't want to play this? Plus, Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time).

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Some achievements never seem to pop up and matchmaking is still a crapshoot. Its still fun but a broken game is still broken. 

Damn, that's unfortunate. When I played, I was an achievement hunter--I think i have like 46,000 or something.


Anyway, I'm derailing the conversation too much! I'm skeptical about a new composer because I still listen to the Halo Reach soundtrack in moderation (and some of the first two).

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I just need the God of War collection soundtrack on vinyl (a box set with different colored discs would be rad), Heavy Rain soundtrack (which could be a possibility since the game is getting remastered for PS4), and Super Mario Galaxy (one of my all time favorite video game scores) then I will be happy.

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