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PO: Petal - Shame (RFC)

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1. Camera Lens

2. Tommy

3. Heaven

4. Chandelier Thief

5. Feel

6. Sooner

7. The Fire

8. Shame

9. Nature

10. Camera Lens II

11. Photobooth

12. Silly Heart

PO Here:


get ready for the will yip argument once again

300 Baby Pink in Clear

500 Bone A-Side/Purple B-Side

700 Baby Pink

1000 Clear w Baby Blue/Pink Splatter


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The new single, "Sooner," is now up on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/03RcvK3blfBTdhknhxv0II


Weird that there wasn't a press partner for this, but the song is great.


I would've gladly premiered the song on our site.


But...hey...we're not AltPress nor P4K nor AP.net nor BrooklynVegan nor Noisey so we don't matter according to bands and labels.



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Considering no one in the band or label's camp has tweeted about it there probably is a press partner


It's up for streaming as well as an instant grat on iTunes, so I'm thinking there might not be a press partner. Press usually has 24 hour exclusivity, but maybe they got a partner who doesn't care about that. Regardless, I just hope more people hear the song because it's great!

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