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Sale (Horseback, Shotmaker, Isis, City Of Caterpillar...)

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So I'm selling couple of records. In most cases I've bought test presses and selling regulars, some I do not like anymore, some I'm looking for other version (test or first press).




1. Calm The Fire "Blackout" - black vinyl - 8 usd
2. Isis + Aereogramme "In The Fishtank 14" - blue vinyl - 12 usd
3. Knife Fight "Crisis" - black vinyl - 8 usd
4. Left For Dead "Live - Eat Shit" - clear red vinyl, second press /100 - 18 usd
5. Die Young (TX) "Graven Images" - white with blue splatter - 8 usd
6. Bacchus "S/T" - green vinyl - 8 usd
7. Ocean "Here Where Nothing Grows" - brown with white splatter - 12 usd
8. Sahn Maru "Never Too Late" - black vinyl - 8 usd
9. Mammoth Grinder "Underworld" - 12 usd (sealed)
10. Shotmaker "The Crayon Club" - 14 usd
11. Shores Of The Tundra ‎"Heart Of The Beckoning" - clear vinyl with red paint on B - 8 usd
12. Pyramids/Horseback "A Throne Without A King" LP+7" - black vinyl - 12 usd
13. Skin Like Iron "Descent Into Light" - marble vinyl /669 - 8 usd
14. Horseback "Piedmont Apocrypha" - black vinyl - 12 usd
15. Examination Of The... ‎"Lady In The Radiator" - purple vinyl /162 - 12 usd
16. Nazi Dust "Wretched Hour" - black vinyl - 8 usd


All used (spin few times) but in very good condition, some like new. Can send additional photos if requested. Only the Shotmaker has a mark from the label (see photo below).




Shipping from Poland - 12 usd :( If you buy more we can negotiate prices.

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