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*Updated* FS: 10" Inner Sleeves - all sold

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So, I got tired of putting my pristine, cleaned 10 inchers in 12" inner sleeves and bit the bullet and got a bundle of 10" inner sleeves with the rounded bottoms (pictured below)


I don't know if there is a demand at all, so they may go fast or not all. Shipping them in manila envelope is like $1.50 or so, and I don't think would get mangled or anything. If you want them shipped in a record mailer, the shipping is like $2.75.


For 5 of the 10" inner sleeves:   $3.50ppd

For 10 of the 10" inner sleeves: $5.50ppd

For 15 of the 10" inner sleeves: $7.50ppd

For 20 of the 10" inner sleeves: $9.50ppd


If demand is high, it's first paid, first served.




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Why the rounded bottom? I was able to find 10" sleeves with flat square bottoms. The bottom makes it look like a dust jacket


or dust sleeve w/e, the inner


I've been using the round bottom 12" Diskeepers (inner sleeves) on all my records for a few years - they slide in easier with the rounded bottom and don't bunch up. Esp. on the 2xLP as I keep one outside the jacket and one in between the gatefold.

The 10" Diskeepers have square bottoms and I have some of those; they are thicker, but sometimes bunch up sliding in. And they are more expensive. If Diskeepers makes the 10" round bottoms I haven't seen and too late now for me as I don't see my 10's collection growing that fast to buzz through my extras.


(I also splurge the Mylar 5.0mil outers, that never split or yelllow and more protective.  I put the old inner (paper) sleeve in the jacket and the album stays on the outside, just like when mailing. Other pro is they slide in and out of the shelf easily. Con's -  the corners are sharp and can slice your fingers. They also now sell 'oversized' which are a few mm wider which makes the 2xLP easier.)

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