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Breaking: Guy With Shitty Taste Does Shitty Thing


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Sargent House reached out to him. only good things can happen from here.


Glad to see others are reaching out to him. Geoff has always presented himself as being a really good guy with nothing but good intentions. Him coming out and saying that he will distance himself from Shkreli is a huge deal, and I would hope that everyone everywhere would come out to support Geoff and Collect Records for that reason. 

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This guy has a history. I don't buy the innocent act. Sometimes money makes strange bedfellows. I've walked away from a ton of money and a couple time I've compromised a hardline stance to get work done. This isn't black and white nor is Geoff a monster like this guy but the history of being a ruthless tool was there well before. 


And in compromise - I hope people continue to call me a good guy. Geoff didn't withhold medication from AIDs Patients so there is no equating his involvement or taking money from this guy. But he was long unscrupulous and that deserves consideration. 

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So we all have seen the picture of this asshat in a Brand New tee. Well this came across my Facebook tonight, a post from Brand New...


For the next 48 hours we will be offering a 20% discount on all of the Electricity is Dangerous tee shirts. During that period, ALL proceeds from those items will be donated towards AIDS charity.

We hope to be able to offer charitable opportunity like this throughout the future, and we also hope that you will consider purchasing these particular items before any others on our site.

The charity we have chosen for these shirts is WHITMAN WALKER HEALTH in Washington DC. We chose Whitman because of it's excellent reputation and particularly for their close work with the HIV and LGBT community in DC.

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I was hoping someone would buy it and "leak" it on Pirate Bay or something, just so everyone could hear it...but there's no way this guy would.

Part of the agreement was a condition to not sell it, or even give it away, for 88 yrs.  Might be 80 yrs?


Either way, when I read his quote about having lunch w RZA, and how they had nothing in common, I thought 

"I bet that "lunch" was Shaolin giving him a warning about taking a "C.R.E.A.M." position w their album"


I'm slightly surprised a fellow producer/performer didn't snatch this up, considering the winning bid


I want to hear that Wu Tang record. Think he'd invite me over?

Would you give a mouse a cookie?

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Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin to fuck wit


They'd introduce him to their Gravel Pit real quick like.


That'd be a bad thing?


I don't condone murder, or wish death upon anyone

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Martin is a pretty chill dude, talk to him, play league with him, and get to know the dude before you shit on him for wasting his money on having crappy bands make crappy music! Then again what else would you sad boys have to cry to when stuff that you don't understand happens :P

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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