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PO 9/30 2pm EST: Lydia - This December; It's One More and I'm Free

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Just for you  .  

http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/559578   Bad Timing Records - This will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, September 30, at 2pm EST.  

I have been waiting so long for this!!!!

Got mine in the other day, kinda surprised nobody's noted the somewhat pixelated artwork. I guess that's just a pet peeve of mine, also what you get for blowing up a cd sized artwork. Overall nice pressing, screen print looks fantastic.

The bone splatter on white is a total joke, also. Lol

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Got mine in the other day, kinda surprised nobody's noted the somewhat pixelated artwork. I guess that's just a pet peeve of mine, also what you get for blowing up a cd sized artwork.

I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have the original artwork, since it was only used 10 years ago for an apparently small run of CDs.

It is still slightly annoying. Was disappointed in the vinyl artwork for GIaA's All Is Violent, All Is Bright for the same reason.

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15-year anniversary comin' in hot. early access if you're a pillar member... which i am not. because 'liquor' was a dud to me and this new album feels like more of the same.

not a lot of info other than general access preorder is friday, and it looks like there are three options:

  1. reissue
  2. stripped down
  3. deluxe, which includes both

count me in for the stripped-down versions, although i'm not sure they'll hold a candle to the originals







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the bundles are annoying.. so if I want all 3, I'm gonna end up with 3 livestream tickets?  or is the deluxe just the two variants in a boxset or slipcase or something?  I'm confused


edit: never mind figured out it includes both variants

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hmm actually I see on the deluxe page what it includes, just still unclear if it's in an actual outer box, or slipcase, or nothing at all?


Limited edition 15 year anniversary Deluxe Edition + Live Stream Ticket

- Features original recording of This December + a reimagined stripped down version of the album! 

- 2 Limited Edition Variants 

- 1 Digital Ticket to Lydia's live stream concert on December 19th (hosted on Pillar)

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41 minutes ago, Buffbloom said:

They put these up without the bundled tickets. 

ha, JUST came to say this. did it literally just happen or are our brains just on a similar wavelength? i happened to check the cart (which i left open for god knows how long), saw that the stripped version + ticket was sold out, freaked out a little -- but then found the non-ticketed version for $22.99. much more palatable. gonna email them to see if they'll refund a portion of shipping to do media mail or something cheaper, but if not, i'll eat the $12 shipping, whatever

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We wanted to reach out to give you an update on Lydia’s pre-order bundles. Over the last few months, we have been staying on top of the vinyl manufacturers to deliver the records in the projected delivery time.

Unfortunately, we received some terrible news today and are doing our best to help resolve the situation as best as possible. For all vinyl collectors, this may seem like a “common” issue but it’s not the news we enjoy deliver to any fan.

The vinyl manufacturer has been running into several issues due to increased vinyl demand (with artists not touring) and several outbreaks of COVID-19 in their facilities, which have forced them to shut down production until it was safe to return to normal. Due to the shutdown, projects that were ahead of us will get priority in line for their records to be done.

We still do not have a firm ship date for all of the vinyl products but are being given the window for the products to arrive at our warehouse between April 12th - 16th. This date crushed us and I know it will feel the same to you. We are going to do our best to find a solution to get these to you sooner and will make sure to keep you posted as more information comes in.

With that said, as soon as these vinyl arrive, we will have our team working overtime to make sure that your order is fulfilled as quickly and safely as possible.

We wanted to personally thank you for supporting Lydia and so many artists during these times. Without your support, so many artists would not be able to continue making music.

If you are seeking a refund or are in need of anything else, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]


For your patience and understanding, we went ahead and spoke to Lydia about a 20% discount code that could be used at any point this calendar year. So the next time you check out, please use the code “lydia-thanks-you” and the same email address associated with your previous order to validate the code.

Thank you all again and do not hesitate to reach out. We understand the frustration and are here if you need any more info.



We have received the test color samples of Lydia’s This December vinyl and were not happy with the color configuration. Due to the delay, we were able to make a change with the plant and confirm an updated colorway of Clear with Black Smoke. We are confident that you will enjoy the overall look of the new variant color.

Quantities, weight and all collector details will remain the exact same, minus the color itself.


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