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Hey folks. I have been running Forge Again Records, which has been putting out actual records and CDs and all that stuff for 15 years now (damn, I am getting old). Last year I decided to put out a cassette for a side project band and created an imprint called COLD SLITHER TAPES in order to do so. I have continued to focus my efforts on records since, but given how much of a bummer the record pressing game is lately (it takes forever), I'll probably only be doing a small handful of LP releases per year going for the time being. Therefore, I decided to start doing some more with the COLD SLITHER TAPES imprint. The first tape was for PINK GUYS and there is, literally, one of those left (also available as a download or a 10" lathe cut from Forge Again Records). But now I'm starting to ramp it up again. The plan is to only release NEW music - albums, EPs, singles, etc. that aren't yet available anywhere else. Pro recordings (at least for now), pro-dubbed tapes (mostly), with digital, etc. Already have three tapes planned for the rest of 2015 (maybe we'll throw another one in there soon...) So if you'd like to check it out, please visit:


Website: www.coldslithertapes.com

Bandcamp (to stream/buy): http://coldslithertapes.bandcamp.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/coldslithertapes

Email: [email protected] 


Anyhow, history lessons are boring. Let's talk about the awesome shit that's coming out. First up, is a tape from Chicago's SALVATION. It's a fucking hot one. We'll have another announcement later this week and then another the week after that! Starting hot and heavy. If you have some cool stuff, send it my way. Maybe we'll put it out!   



CST-002 SALVATION - ROYAL FUCKS CS (first press, 100 copies on red chrome cobalt tapes w/white imprint, DL code, pro-dubbed by NAC) - 7 song rager from Chicago's SALVATION, a killer punk/rock/garage/grunge three-piece that will make you think of early days of Nirvana. Shipping now! 


To stream/buy: https://coldslithertapes.bandcamp.com/album/cst-002-royal-fucks






Annnnnd stay tuned in here because the next one will be announced by the end of the week. 

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Solid label name.  Checked it out solely for that reason.

Yeah, it's a silly one. But I love that episode of GI Joe. What an insane terrorist plot. Cobra were the worst terrorists of all time. Subliminal messages in heavy metal (that really wasn't metal). Actual warheads on top of fast food restaurants called "Red Rocket" etc. Embarrassing, really. 

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Another new one! 


CST-003 Casual Sweetheart - Always / Never CS (special pre-release DIY version limited to 25 copies on blue tapes, full version limited to 100 on purple chrome tapes w/silver imprint pro-dubbed by NAC) 6 songs from Detroit's Casual Sweetheart, who are an amazing throwback to the early/mid 90s indie rock/riot grrrl days. Hell, don't listen to me, stream it yourself. 




To stream/buy: https://coldslithertapes.bandcamp.com/album/cst-003-always-never

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