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The Carpenters The Singles 1969-1973 Original Pressing Sealed?

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I found a sealed carpenters singles album the other day, How do i tell if its the original pressing or the repress? I bought it at a yardsale and honestly i doubt the guy was the type to run out and buy a repress but it doesnt hurt to be sure. What should i look for in a original press?


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I've tried to come up with good jokes but the Carpenters are pretty much the punchline to every joke about music in the early 70s. And VYNL.

I strongly doubt any Carpenters album has any value. These are very common at Goodwill stores as they were bought by many and coveted by few.

And that will be the only serious response you get in this thread.

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Lol, Im away for 20 minutes and i already get so many troll comments. But does anyone know? And any clue of a general value?


If only there was some kind of internet database for such things...

Why, yes...it could be like a discography...for every record ever...

It could be used to collect information...like how much it has sold for in the past...

Heck, people could even try to use it...like, to sell their records...

We...We could call it... Discogs!

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