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Marilyn Manson Reissues?

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10 hours ago, ghost said:

Very thorough answer hahaha. That's some pretty impressive restraint. I tear into new record I buy.


That's interesting, I'm curious how it compares to a nothing records pressing. Overall it sounds good to me but it can get really loud so I end up having to turn down the volume a lot. Chalk that up to a good DR I guess. 


I can see a simply vinyl copy having a more low end sound profile. I've got a couple other SV releases and they have a similar more bass to mid-ended sound. Cranking up the high ends on my speakers is usually good enough to compensate for it. 

Yeah, like you, I am very “pro eq.”


Everybody hears things their own way, and I like to use one to balance things out.


Some people do this with expensive cables, and different pressings.


I can’t afford the former, but have indulged in the latter a time or two. 😄


It sounds like the OG US was decently pressed! I ALMOST got rid of it because of the colored vinyl thing.


Watch the $16.98 copy blow away the $40 Simply Vinyl. 😆


Well, when I have the time....

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1 hour ago, rhcp02 said:

There are two Manson threads happening right now. 2020 is wild. Time is a flat circle. I think this was meant for the other.

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7 minutes ago, JohnMatrix said:

Other sites have it listed as coming out tomorrow so I guess we will find out.....

Yeah, I've seen 10/22 and 10/29.


I wonder if they were really just dying to make a buck on this album but wanted to release it under the radar because of his recent scandals.

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