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Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost (and new 6-song EP)

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Electric Blue /2000

Yellow /3700

Tri Color /300 (purple / blue / grey) (only available in bundle)





Real nice surprise from MoBo today!



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i cant remember the last time i even bought a CD.

Would be right there with you, but a local shop gave out free tickets (with a +1) to see Lucero this weekend if you bought their new CD. I already have the bootleg variant of the LP, so it was a $10 CD over a $25 ticket.

Too bad this EP won't be on vinyl before I see MoBo next month. Oh well, I still need Sports, the Nameless Ranger, and a couple other things on vinyl, so I'll be killing the wallet as is.

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Modern Baseball fans definitely buy CD's. 

Yeah, you're probably right.  Also anyone who is in it strictly from a collecting standpoint.  Modern Baseball does seem to really draw a younger crowd (understandably), and a lot of those kids probably haven't completely succumbed to the hobby yet, or else they prefer the sound quality of CD's to the sound quality of Crosley.

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Ya I know a bunch of people got their old EP on CD when they released it last year. Anyways, I still haven't gotten over this band. Don't think I ever will. Despite watching them grow exponentially in terms of their fan base and music, I will always have a love for their music. I still feel like You're Gonna Miss It All is so new, but at the same time I'm really excited for new music. Can't wait to see what this album brings. The EP is sounding awesome. 

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Don't want to trick anyone into thinking there's info about this PO by posting but;

My gf and I bought tickets to last night's tour stop in New Haven. She hasn't liked shows much in a while but we went anyways. Tiny Moving Parts played first. Lamest crowd ever. Me and one other guy singing. We decided after that it was gonna be shit. I'm hoping no one takes this the wrong way, but the demographic for these shows has changed. Two years ago, we saw MB play to like 40 people at a free show with Sorority Noise. Last year TMP played a floor show at a tiny venue and people were going nuts including myself. A year later we have mostly high school aged girls and it was just boring and sort of sad to me. Maybe I am outgrowing this shit or does anyone else feel the same?




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