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White Zombie - It Came From N.Y.C. 5LP + Book Box Set

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1 hour ago, vinyl addict said:


I heard back from Miguel at Numero Group again. He gave me their PayPal address, and I was able to send in my payment that way. I just left a note with the transaction, explaining what my payment was for.

Grand total was $12.63 shipped.


If anyone else is interested, I can ask Miguel if I can pass along the PayPal address via PM.

Same here. I still haven't heard back since Saturday. 

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OK so I heard back from Miguel. He has asked me to not pass along the info. They are working on the issue as I type this and should have it sorted out soon. He said no worries, it's going up soon.

Sorry I could not help you out more guys. :(

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41 minutes ago, webdoggy said:

Mine randomly showed up today.  Haven't listened to it yet but coloring of the disc is nice and has a foldout insert. Happy to have been able to grab this because there isn't a chance it would have been available locally for RSD. 



Did you get a tracking #?  I wasn't even expecting it to ship yet.

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6 hours ago, bgdesign said:

I finally got an order to go through. I live down the road from Numero Group, so I thought I would have just visited on RSD if it didn't go through.

How?!? Shipping info keeps saying there is an error. I've tried extended zip code and about Everything I could change....Caps no caps....Full state...Abbreviated state....

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