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I am dumb and got my license suspended sale

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Yep. Everything is paid for, but I still have to wait for the release letter from the collection agency I owed. So I can't drive to make money.


Here's what I got. Will take best offer if you think you can talk me down.

Bioshock Soundtrack - I am Rapture, Rapture Is Me - still sealed, slight corner bend from shrinkwrap $25

Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - OG press from 2001, black, still in shrink with the Universal sticker still in the corner $80

Downpresser - Don't Need a Reason - 1st Pressing, clear, /300 $10

Hot Water Music - Neverender - w/ "Demos" LP - 7th Pressing, purple mix, grey mix Demos LP, /394 $10

Kiss - MTV Unplugged - 1st Pressing, yellow $30

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Let's Face It - 2nd Pressing, red/white split, #98/100 $50

Soundtrack - Sean of the Dead - black $20

Daft Punk - Translucence - 10", 1st Pressing, yellow ring $50

Anywhere - Pyramid Mirrors - 7", black #474/500 $10

Anywhere - Infrared Moses - 7", black, #297/500 $10

Chamberlain - Raise It High EP (feat. Brian Fallon) - 7", grey marble $10

Craig Finn - Honolulu Blues - 7", black, /500 $5 (or will throw in for a buck if you want to buy something else)

Bernard Herrmann - Psycho: A narrative for String Orchestra - 7", red, /2000 $10

Eugenio Mira - La Cinquette - 7", black, /500 $20

Chuck Ragan/Brian Fallon - Gospel Songs - 7", orange $5

Chuck Ragan/Brian Fallon - Gospel Songs - 7", green $5

Red City Radio/Gamits - Class of 1989/Class of 1976 - 7", neon green, /250 $15

Add $4 for shipping for the first 2 items. $2 for next two, and so on, and so forth.

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Once I got a ticket in July for speeding. Come January and it's my 21st birthday, I go to get my license rotated and the lady informs me it's been suspended since August. Apparently they sent me a letter saying I had to do a Driver Improvement class, but it had gone to my old address so I obviously never did it. It sucked.

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I was involved in an accident back in July. It was a minor fender bender, but my insurance had lapsed that day. I thought I had until the next day to pay it. As I had no insurance coverage during that time, I had to pay back the other party's insurance company. I finally was able to get my parents' help in settling with the collection agency that Allstate went through to get paid, but unfortunately, they had already filed the paperwork with the state of Ohio to have my license suspended. The conditions of my suspension being lifted are: My insurance needs to be reinstated, I have to pay a $150 reinstatement fee, and I need to settle my financial responsibility with the other party involved in the accident. While I have done that, and had my insurance reinstated, I need to wait for the collection agency to send me their letter of release, and they will not fax it, they will not do anything to expedite it, so I am stuck waiting for this to show up whenever the hell they feel like sending it out.


Go me.

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I tried to renew my license recently. Mind you, perfect driving record. Turns out, when I moved a few years ago and updated my address, the DMV gave me the wrong license number. How the hell that happens I have no idea. I was driving around as a wanted female with a medically suspended license....

I am neither of those. 

Somehow the DMV tried to blame this on me. Jackasses. All is good though.

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