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PO: The Used 'Live and Acoustic at the Palace' [2LP gatefold]

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I think he might be legendary whipping boy theusedguy over at Absolutepunk. Actually went to that horrible website and searched for "theusedguy" just to find the post this made me think of:


a lot of you people have no taste at all in music, the used are the greatest band ever, the thing is, is that the used are so raw and unique that a lot of you people cant handle them, you cant handle a change from the shit you guys listen to today, if it sounds different from the 1000 rock bands around today that all sound exactly the same then you guys dont like it, the used are the only band that are unique and different and every album and song is the most perfect, greatest theing that ever happen to music and the greatest music that you will ever get to hear in you life


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