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Fowty Dollaz

Broken World Media Cassette Club

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So I'm not a huge cassette fan. I have a few, but I'm about to get some more.

Taken from Tumblr.


NOVEMBER 24, 2015


We’ve got a lot of ~*cool stuff*~ happening on black friday but today friends, I want to talk to you about one special thing in particular. We will be offering a cassette subscription series for 2016 called the Broken World Cassette Club. It is a subscription series for those ultra nerds who are stoked about what has been called “music’s worst physical format.”

Here is the gist of this thing; joining the BWM cassette club gets you a tape copy of everything new release we put out on cassette for a year and in some cases and exclusive variant of the release only available to club members. This won’t include represses of older releases mostly because I don’t want you to end up with the same thing twice. You can always put a note in your order that is like “YO IF YOU REPRESS THIS RELEASE I DON’T HAVE IT AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT”

In addition to our regular releases you will receive:
- exclusive distro titles that I pick up from other labels and think are rad and need to be fucked with.
- exclusive BWM releases special to this subscription series. For example, a weird sound collage of TWIABP demos from the last 6 years that I’ve been working on for a bit.
- i will make you a personalized mixtape for your birthday or xmas or something. everyone will get 1.

The series will start for the remainder of 2015 and last until the end of 2016.

UNFORTUNATELY, this subscription series is only available to US residents due to the nightmare that would be shipping multiple packages a year to international addresses.

We are also working on a vinyl subscription series for 2016! (damn I'm gonna be so broke after this)


Oh, and it goes live on Friday.


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