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Mixtape Trade Thread

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So far we have:

- Shitty Rambo

- andy.

- Santa Bateman

- Rock Puppetz

- Zeb_Enjoys_Vinyl Mixtapes

- dkrtz

- thefavoriteplay(?)

- erikness

- Fowty Dollaz

- nostalgicbummer

- backdrifter

Just comment or PM me when you are partnered up and I'll strike out your name. Once one "transaction" is over, if you want to sign up for a different partner, I'll remove the strikethrough.

Let's keep it civil and fun!

Of course you can work out the details how ever you see fit, but if I trade with someone I see no reason we can't each cover the cost of shipping our mixtape (it should be the same each way).


I don't know if this is allowed or not, but andy. had a great idea and think it could be fun. If not then mods feel free to delete.

We could trade mixtapes based on tastes wanted. For instance I like punk, folk, "indie rock," unique hip hop/ rap, and some metal. So, I could request a punk mixtape in exchange for your requests. Most of us have our collections available to develop ideas.

This could be sender funded, requestor funded, or whatever is worked out between users. Hopefully individual transactions could be communicated via PMs and have wants/ requests posted here. I know it's KIND OF a sell-based idea, but hopefully the trade aspect keeps it friendly. Mixtapes were big when I was a kid, but this could be a fun thing amongst users. A little more old school than sending a link to bandcamp.

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This is a fine. It's not like you're selling bootlegs or anything (especially if two people are exchanging tapes directly and each covers the shipping cost or whatever). More importantly I can't imagine anyone would be facing any type of legal backlash for dubbing a mixtape in 2015/6.

$40, if you want to make a thread on the sales board directing people here I don't have a problem with it. Preferably we'd like to keep the general banter about tapes on this board but if you think it'd get more folks involved do it up.

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Here's a few guidelines suggestions I've thought of for those that wish to partake.

1) Include a j-card
We all have tapes so it shouldn't be too hard to just trace another j-card and make your own design. It makes it feel more special than just writing on the shitty j-card that comes with blanks.

2) Include a tracklist
This obviously helps identify what's on it in case the person wishes to look the song/band up.

3) Include a label name / release number
If you had a label, what would it be called? Is this your 1st release or your 69th? Get creative with it.

4) Have a nice transition between songs
While we all have our favorite songs, slapping them in random order can make it hard to listen to. Try to set up a nice flow between tracks.

If anyone has more guidelines suggestions, let me know and I'll add to the list!

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That's a tall order Andy. Even with mix CDs in the late 90's nobody went through that much to make one for a friend. The most you did was draw a dick on it with a sharpie and maybe put a sticker on the case haha.

I can't imagine anyone here would just write the names on the insert of a blank and that's it. All I'm saying is maybe don't exclude people who don't have time to go all out with it.

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Oh yeah, I totally understand. They were mostly just suggestions. I just based it off of ones I've made and ones I've received in the past. Doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Like the one Russell made me just has a pink piece of paper with a cat drawn on the front and the songs written on the back. It's simple, but cool.


Regardless! Let's get this thing rolling~

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I know (I always shoved paper balls in the holes), but I don't have all the ones from childhood any longer. All of mine are keepers (including today's incredible find BTTF OST for $0.50). I'll grab some decent ones soonish. I want in too!!! ;) I'll update when I'm ready. I guess andy. has my first one, so whatchu want?

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