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Hello VC,


I recently acquired a Technics SL-3350. From what I tested, it works very well. Now I know this is a very unpopular turntable, so its a little hard to find info for it. 


First question is about hinges for the dust cover. Like most other Technics, it did not come with any. Looking online, I have found hinges for other models, but Im not sure if they'll fit the 3350. Are there any third party hinges that would suit this model?


Also, does anyone have any info on the cartridge "Audio-Technica Series III"? I think its a cheap model from the 80s-90s. My problem is that its very, very heavy. I cant get it balanced for the anti-skating feature. I will be replacing it after the holidays with a Shure M97xe, but would still like to enjoy my records before that comes in.



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You will find hinges for it somewhere but I don't think they are the same as those used on the SL1200 or 1210 etc.


The SL3350 had a very tall lid and high back to the chassis as they came with a spindle extension so that you could stack records like an old BSR or Garrard.


Not sure about you AT cart, you could try adding some weight to the counter weight but it depends how much out it is and I wouldn't recommend it anyway as it would probably sound poor as the arm mass would be all wrong.

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Would there be a problem if I upgraded the cartridge to a Shure M97xe? Im guessing I just get rid of the adapter and all should be fine.


You should be fine. The adapter is just a piece of plastic, that comes out with the screws.

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