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PO: Grimes - Geidi Primes (02/05/16)

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Originally a free download and a limited cassette, Grimes' debut, Geidi Primes, is going to be issued on vinyl for the first time on February 5, 2016, on Arbutus Records. It is not listed on the label website yet, so no further details as to pressing number, weight, etc.



It has a strange air of being created unconsciously while the artist herself was asleep. It is a vastly intriguing set of pop tunes highlighted by its amazing fifth and sixth songs: "Avi" and "Feyd Rautha Dark Heart", which are each frighteningly reminiscent of an unaccountable psychic experience you may have never had. It seems like an album made for very tall people about what it's like to be very small. It calls to mind the glowering of a child king amidst the many vestments and decorations of his coronation. Listening to Geidi Primes is what its like to suddenly realize you are being watched while taking a cold shower... on the moon.


Available for preorder:


Bull Moose



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Halfaxa should be coming as well per arbutus records. I thought they'd go up at the same time from what they were saying, but looks like nope.


Edit: Went ahead and PO'd with The Cure - Disintegration since I still somehow don't have a copy of that, and free shipping over $25 on Bullmoose.

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Alright. So the news is:

No colors, no variants.

I was told "These are to be 100% faithful to the originals"

Not even bummed about it, honestly.



Just got the email from Arbutus about these. $20 ppd each.


Geidi Primeshttp://arbutusrecords.com/?shopp_product=grimes-geidi-primes


Darkbloom split EP: http://arbutusrecords.com/?shopp_product=grimes-d


This is exactly how I'd like them to be. Affordable, black vinyl. Ordered.

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I can't find anything that says it's limited. I'm kind of curious now too. 

I didn't see anything about them being limited, but that doesn't mean they aren't Sebastian never mentioned them being limited when I was emailing with him, so I'd expect they pressed a decent number of them.

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Got my copy of Halfaxa in yesterday and I'm a tad disappointed that they decided to make it a single LP and drop a few tracks.


Yeah, I noticed that too. I picked a copy up from my local shop today. Anyone else's download code only include have 6 tracks?

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