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PO NOW: Pinegrove - Cardinal LP/CD/CS 2/12 Run For Cover Records

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Is this how you do one of these things? Pinegrove - Cardinal pre-orders now live up at RFC LP/CD/CS/Digital, with 3 vinyl colors.


Blue / 300

Grey / 700

Black / 1000


Deluxe package includes alternate, hand painted LP cover done by Evan from Pinegrove (blue vinyl), cassette, shirt and posters.



>>>Pre-order this jawn here


>>>Listen to the new single "Old Friends" on Stereogum


PS: It's rly good

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fuck, i want that deluxe.  i can't wait to hear this album, i just can't spend $40 until payday next thursday... damn i know it won't last til then.


If anyone at RFC checks this thread, feel free to hold a large deluxe bundle til Thursday Jan. 14 for me!!! Half kidding, but if it's there I absolutely am snatching it.

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I almost order every record RFC puts out, because when I don't it comes back to bite me in the ass. So even though this song didn't grab me, the amount of hype they are getting has me sold so I grabbed a blue.


If you're into the videos I posted earlier I would say you'll love the record. If not, there's still a chance you'll like it but I would wait to stream it. 

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