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PO NOW: Pinegrove - Cardinal LP/CD/CS 2/12 Run For Cover Records

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Looks like a second pressing is up: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/565891-pinegrove-cardinal

Cadmium Red / 1000

I'm pretty sure i saw one on instagram so these are probably in stock. Looks good with the cover.

Now someone sell me their hand painted blue for a crazy price!

This is the one I got at their show last week

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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I'm going to see these guys in a few weeks time (cannot wait) and wanted to ask whether anyone knows if they're likely to have any tour variants (or some of the original variants) on sale at the show?


They sound like they're cool as hell, so I'm hoping maybe they'll hang around after the show (seeing them in a really small venue)... Would make my whole year / decade if I could buy them a beer!

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48 minutes ago, dantheriver said:

Nope and they rarely if ever allow discounts on preorders.

Cool.  Thanks for letting me know.  I was a little late to this band and completely missed out on the early presses of Cardinal.  I'm glad to jump on this set early and grab a clear copy because this band is great.  

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Fuck that sold out so fast, I just saw the post on instagram and went to order and clear was gone. Guess I'm goin VMP *sigh* I'd rather give my money to rfc. But stoked to get this either way, Recycling, Angelina, and The Metronome are some of my fav pinegrove songs. Also, I got to see them THREE times last year 

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