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Hi! Desperately trying to compile the most complete collection of State Champs vinyl possible! 


Here's an updated version of what I'm looking for!



1st press

-White /300


2nd press

-Clear w/ Black and Green Splatter /500


The Acoustic Things


1st press:

-Half Royal Blue/Half White w/ Blue splatter on the white side /1000

-Clear w/ Grey&Blue splatter /500



- The alternate cover of The Finer Things /50 and The Acoustic Things as well!


Found a few AWESOME people that got me the remaining two variants of Overslept AND the record release cover of The Finer Things!! ALL THAT I NEED NOW IS THE Clear w/ Grey + Blue Splatter /500 variant of The Acoustic Things! Please help me complete my collection! x)


SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE STATE CHAMPS COLLECTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Now on a desperate search for test presses! Willing to pay a REALLY pretty penny!! Please if you have one or can direct me to one, I'll forever be in your debt.

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