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Don't call it a comeback (Integrated amp thoughts)

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After 1.5 years of living off savings acct, student handouts, and driving Uber, I've moved and started my new position at Baylor. I sold too much gear to survive. I'm currently left with my Rotel RA10

(I was kidding)

I'm still not posting in this thread until you decide you want a separate dac or phono.

I've never heard anything Onkyo that raised more than a Meh but I suppose there's always a first time, although that one even looks boring so I'm not holding out a lot of hope.


My personal experience of anything Onkyo over the years has been that it's the flattest sounding and most uninspiring of all the Japanese HiFi manufacturers so I've given up listening to anything they produce but each to their own.


On balance I stand by my well thought out and considered review, yuck

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So you have no personal experience with that amp. Yuck to your fake review. Here, let me show an example of why your idea of a product you never heard vs a lower end product you have heard, is irrelevant.





I'd definitely never use that BPC Marantz, a mass produced item from a company that mass produces products you can buy at Best Buy. Does that mean the TT15S is yuck? Nope.

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I had a similar reaction based on my experience with Onkyo's mid-range AV gear and the not-so-great reviews of some of their earlier integrated amps.


Though, after looking into this particular model, I can say that, at the very least, they nailed the feature set.  I'm a sucker for components that can pull double duty with a stereo/AV setup.  And you can add on the fact that the thing weighs nearly 40 pounds as an indication that the power should be there.

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I sense someone has money burning a hole in their pocket with all this defensiveness.


Go listen to it and If you like it buy it, it's your money


I've heard quite a bit of Onkyo over the years, cheap, expensive and the stuff in between and all of it left me cold so I've just given up on them, they're not the only brand in the world that I have the same feeling about but they are one that's made a singularly bad impression on me.


Most of the big name Japanese brands make from the very bottom to a good way up the ladder and sadly a lot of the good stuff never leaves Japan but Onkyo I find to be the most lacklustre of them, things change and if they've started to make hifi worth the name then I'm very happy for them as it's about time and I will listen to one if I get the chance but I won't go out of my way.


Also I'm not disagreeing with you with your lovely pictorial example but you could have picked a better example as the TT51 is pretty much 85% Clearaudio and 15% Marantz

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A MORE LIKELY CONTENDER HAS ENTERed ah screw you guys. None of you help.




Rotel I like, much much more of a hifi sound than that bloody Onkyo,


The only bad Rotel thing I've had was a turntable where the arm was really short so setting cartridge tracking was a pain, apart from that everything else has performed exactly as I'd expect or better.


Joking aside I've found that Rotel take their sound a lot more seriously so that you don't have to go that far up their range to get a decent detailed well balanced hifi sound




RP1500 that was the offending turntable, the arms nearer 8" so a real pain to set, pity it should have been good and when you replace the arm with something of a more normal length it's a lot better

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Lol guise. A+ exchange.


Relevant to the amp discussion: that Onkyo has a separate Wolfson DAC for each stereo channel. I've never heard of that setup before. Is there really any benefit?


Probably but if the analogue bits after that which deal with that signal or on the end that feed the speakers aren't up to the job then those twin Dac's are wasted

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