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This is one of the most overly dramatic threads I've seen on this board - and that's saying something.

Hmmm........ 5/7

Your post: 1/5

Also I am surprised anybody believes this guy, did you really expect him to come in here and say "yeah I was going to rip you all off"? redunding goods/service payments means nothing because I knew I would get that back. I am worried about all our gifted payments. No words or explanations can fix this other than him sending the gifted payments back.

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But is someone who steals gifted payments still a upstanding seller? I hope you guys don't think so

oh absolutely not. Just with gifted payments there is always that risk associated with it. Tread lightly and carry a big stick is all. Much like eBay sellers who have to account for fees when setting a price, sellers should here as well . As PayPal is not technically a free service, the consumer shouldn't have to bend to make it so for the seller. That's in a perfect world though, amirite?
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wait - if he wasn't scamming anyone why can't he just send people their records?


Yeah, that's what I don't get. He approached ME because of my WTB thread, and said he had a specific variant and asked if I'd like to buy it.

If he doesn't actually have that record to sell, that's a scam no matter what he calls it. Approaching me to say he's selling a record and then not having it to send is 100% a scam.

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Wow.. If nothing got sent out, just open a resolution...

How about just refund everything you cant send? About 3 days ago..

Could have wrote everything has sold in the listing instead of hiding..

After you sold a few albums you really could have just stopped selling them....

Communication helps too

Sketchy business. Looks like im not getting chasing safety, or bn :/

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We won't know anything until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. That is when all of the PayPal refunds that are PENDING will be resolved. If homework has the funds in his account then we will get our refund. If he doesn't then we won't. At that point we will need to take the next step. I did call PayPal and spoke to a manager. She told me the info above and added that accounts are not placed in review or froze. It's only a matter of weather the funds are available or not. It's just that simple. Homework told me the funds are there so I will give him the benefit of the doubt until next weeks resolution. If you opened a dispute rather than get a refund then you will be ok as long as it was thru goods. There are options for unpaid friends and family payments. If you have been a loyal PayPal user then management will help you with this type of payment. Mid next week we will have our answers. Who received records and who received their pending money.

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The people who keep saying that we jumped to conclusions aren't looking at the big picture here. The time frame this took place over in itself is not suspicious. Even the no communication is not suspicious. But both those mixed with the deleted sales thread then bullahit tracking numbers is very suspicious. Have you guys ever done a deal on Craigslist then call the number only have it to be disconnected? That's in line with him deleting the threads. Also he has since deleted his discogs and other accounts. And was planning a trip out of the country in 2 months. Hence I am concluding the reasoning behind trying the scam. Also if not a single person gets the record he was supposedly selling, Then that shows he never intended to send them at all. All these signs point to someone who is about to rip people off. This thread is about being proactive and not letting it happen. Not waiting for it to happen then cry about it. I don't need for to happen for me to know it's GOING to happen. This thread and the help of the PI who directly contacted him and located him may have directly saved this community money. It's only for the Internlesr of the users here.

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