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I currently have 2 records I'm trying to get rid of and a few things I'm looking for.


What I have to trade/sell:

Real Friends- More Acoustic Songs, Record Store Day 2015 Exclusive, Limited to 2000, SEALED

My Chemical Romance- May Death Never Stop You, Clear and White Swirl

Around $45 on a Hot Topic gift card so if anything is wanted from HT, I can add that in


What I want to buy/trade for:

Any cassettes from Knuckle Puck Don't Come Home Cassette, any color

Knuckle Puck/Neck Deep Split any color

A Day to Remember Old Record and What Separates Me From You Picture Discs

A Day to Remember Common Courtesy any color

A Day to Remember Old Record CD (Don't expect much seeing as it's just a cd)

Real Friends Maybe This Place Is the Same (Any color except the plain yellow)

Real Friends Put Yourself Back Together any color

Any Real Friends Cassettes

The Wonder Years- The Upsides (Preferably the Deluxe Edition), any color (preferably Clear with Rainbow Splatter)

Speak Low If You Speak Love- Everything But What You Need any color

Any A Day To Remember Slip Mats would also be pretty sick.


I'm not picky as for the colors on any of these so long as they're limited. The few of them marked as a specific color do have to be that color though. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SEALED! 


If you want anything I have for sale, pm me, make an offer.


I ended up getting some extra Knuckle Puck Cassettes for While I stay Secluded, more on those when they come in the mail. If you're interested now, message me.

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