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PO 1/15: Kokomo - Monochrome Noise Love (2/12/2016)

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FFO: A Swarm of the Sun, Jakob, Russian Circles


Out on February 12th, 2016 on CD/2x12" vinyl. The latter is limited to 525 copies on pink/white vinyl with a cutaway cover.


Preorder Links:






First track, "Monochrome Noise Love".



Track Listing:

1. Pills And Pillows
2. Kill The Captain
3. Monochrome Noise Love
4. Licht/Staub
5. Juengling Mit Apfel
6. Beware Of Pity
7. I Am Bill Murray
8. I Am Not Dead
9. Me vs. Myself
10. Deathmaster Danger Dance

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That, 10 tracks, and some white and pink LP's (at least that's what the mock-up is). I'm so sold.

Wonder what time those tracks will add up to. I'm hoping for a solid hour of dark and ominous post rock goodness. And a pink / white would match beautifully, but I'm not a fan of white. I would be down for a clear with a pink blob. That would look killerrrrrrr. Maybe even a gaze if it's grit free.

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Please listen to Wolves and S/T, then get back to me about how much you love it. Thanks.


I'll get on it.  I've got them both queued up for work tomorrow.


this is gonna be good. let's figure out what variant is where and do a group buy. I already emailed and got a discount on multiple purchase from one.


Considering how much the price is driven down with multiple orders, I'll get in on the sexiest variant available on Friday.

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