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The Weezer Thread

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Dig it. Is the white record still available on their official store? Also, is it in record stores or just black?

White is still in stock on their site. I just double checked with my buddy who works for Band Merch - who run Weezer's merch. Looks like black is the retail, and when white runs out black will be what they sell online.

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Got my tri. Glorious.

Tempted to nab a white from the online store too, but I feel if I wait a while some cheap ones will make their way to Discogs etc. 4,000 thru the online store but it's also available at New On Vinyl so I'm not sure how many total were pressed.


Idiots are already trying to sell white copies for $40...

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Finally got around to listening to this. Pretty good. I'd probably actually rank it higher than Green, so the order of listenable Weezer albums now goes: Pinkerton, Blue, White, Green for me.


Jacked Up is my favorite song off this after first listen.

Same. If you want to pick it up I bet Music Millenium will have it. Or you can grab white from the store for $20, or black from Bull for $18.


And same. Jacked Up is just classic Weezer. I've listened to the album about ten times, it stands out more and more every time, and is now my favorite.

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Wow. I got my white copy today, and on my first spin, this is really great. I hate to say it, but I almost wasn't expecting something this great. There are so many elements that, even though they're a bit poppier, sound like they're directly influenced from Blue/Pink/Green. The harmonies (vocally and instrumentally), and awesome time signatures on a few tracks.

Amazing follow up if you ask me.

Edit: California Kids and Endless Bummer are standing out right now. Do You Wanna Get High is still my favorite though.

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