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The Weezer Thread

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8 hours ago, mameeshkamowskwoz said:

I don't know how this hasn't been shared in this thread (aside from the fact that it isn't vinyl related), but MAN... it really hits all the right notes for me and finds a way to be both funny and deep in my opinion. Also it honestly left me with the understanding that although I haven't liked much of the latter Weezer I should appreciate what it means to other people. VERY recommended viewing.


What Makes This Song Stink Vol. 3 - Weezer's Beverly Hills


Pat Finnerty is fantastic

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8 minutes ago, stl_ben said:

People not liking EWBAITE also baffles me.  To me it's the most solid post Green album they have done.

I can't argue with that assesment. I enjoyed it enough to own it for a time period but it just never sunk it's teeth in to me.


I did get to meet the band at a store signing event for that album though. The band was talked in to doing a second acooustic show, so we were told that the band wouldn't have time to speak with anyone or take photos as their schedule was crammed and I believe Rivers tries to avoid talking to preserve his voice (especially after doing a second show in one day). So it was kind of rushed, but I did get to tell Rivers that it was a pleasure meeting him. He smiled back and looked like he wanted to say something but didn't. I don't hold it against him at all. It was a good experience.

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On 6/21/2022 at 1:01 PM, backpackoat said:

This album is incredible by the way. Absolutely loving it

Man I read this and really went into it hoping for best...but yea it just didn't hit with me at all. Actually kinda hated it on first listen. Will let it simmer tho and revisit soon. 

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On 7/15/2022 at 11:48 AM, scottheisel said:

$35 for one LP + $8 for media mail realllllly sucks.

Two weeks later and Hello Merch is still sitting on 840 copies of this /1000 release. I am officially never going to pay $43 shipped for this thing, I will wait for a sale.

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2 hours ago, mameeshkamowskwoz said:

Man... that is tempting. LOVED the first couple Special Goodness releases.

Don't give in! There is literally no reason this release should cost as much as it does. They're still sitting on 85% of the pressing, it's not gonna move unless they drop the price.

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