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The Nick Yacyshyn Appreciation Thread

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We have/had threads for TnA, but those are pretty dead now, so how about the next best thing?


Most of us were introduced to Mr Yacyshyn through Baptists or Sumac, but he's been in a billion other bands (possibly literally).


New music (that I'm interested in) has been slow since the turn of the new year, and I usually take times like this to dive into a musician that I maybe know from X band and see what else they've done.


I'll do my best to keep this OP up to date with whatever people post.  Note that his Discogs page is no where near complete.  The most complete source of his credits seems to be his Facebook page via him posting about projects he's worked on.  Please correct me if I'm wrong about this or am missing anything.


Anyway, here it goes:




  • Drums on all recorded works to date
  • Vinyl released for everything

Hard Feelings


The Armed


A Textbook Tragedy

Rotting Hills

The Blood River Band

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(I wish we could imbed Bandcamp!)




Listened to this album today on the way to work, it rips!  On to The Armed next I think...



Also, does anyone know what band/musician this was for?  https://www.facebook.com/nickyacyshyndrums/photos/a.541252962656726.1073741827.532118536903502/798822263566460/?type=3

'Gordon Smith' is a little on the common side to search for, haha


Pretty sure it's The Blood River Band, see OP

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I was first introduced to him with A Textbook Tragedy (RIP, these guys ruled) and then in Baptists. I'll have to check out all his other stuff. Thanks.


I think this is my favourite TXBK song.


Working my way to A Textbook Tragedy now, finished the first album.  Very cool stuff, pretty raw (sounds like your favourite local metal band), but super jazzy.  Think The Dillinger Escape Plan but a little less chaotic and a little more jazz.


Given the jazz elements, Nick is in full form:


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A Textbook Tragedy


BTW, the label had a NEW copy of this up for sale!  I grabbed it, maybe they have more?  Try messaging them:  https://www.discogs.com/seller/awolfatyourdoorrec/profile

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