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anyone on here still scrobble on last.fm?

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my kindle occasionally pops up and says now scrobbling, but I haven't actively been using last fm much lately.  I do have a pretty big selection of favorited songs and artists, though looking at what has been 'scrobbling' with out my active use of it, I wonder how they have been choosing...


I like service, it's just not as relevant as it was, what with better streaming and concert tracking options...

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i had low compatibility with most here, but I think some of those have to do with the differences in the AMOUNT of followed artists and songs.  I added several people after checking a few artists and favorites... already dove a bit into some unknowns based on connecting to others, which I hadn't really done before...



a month of unlimited plays on the app is so cheap I still activated it occasionally and use it find new bands related to the artists i like, but having no control over what plays is both a blessing (makes you find new things) and a curse (no control when you want it).


like mentioned, it's interesting it's still chugging a long... it does a BUNCH of different things (artist info, discover new artists, hear music, see video, comment/share, concert listings, etc..) but there are just a bunch of other apps and websites that do all those things better, even if they aren't all a one stop spot...



edit----  this is actually the first time I've been at the site in AGES, looks like its quite a bit different, no more liking artists? you can only love songs or something? I'd noticed the app was not working like it used to about a year ago, but hadn't really been to the site, guess it's just different now... not really into it..

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152,000+ since May 2004.


Most of my portable listening is through a DAP which doesn't scrobble. So I don't really bother connecting anything unless it's a one click kind of thing (ie. my Nexux 6 - Spotify and the like). Then most of my home listening is records and Clemetine. So..... haha.


I miss last.fm though. Used to be great for finding new music. Site is kind of dead now though.

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I've been scrobbling religiously since 2006 - from iTunes, iPhone, Spotify, and anytime I listen to an album on vinyl or CD on something other than my computer, I'll scrobble it afterwards. 233,217 scrobbles to date.


They really fucked up the launch of the site overhaul. REALLY fucked up, and lost a lot of users in the process. Since then, they've slowly brought back a lot of features, but the damage was already done. Some of the things that still piss me off to this day:


  • Complete lack of social integration on home and profile pages. There is no way to see what others are listening to and strike up conversation without going to individual people's profiles. And without some kind of feed, what draws you to anyone's profile? Not much. Really, really dumb move on their part, when a feed of some sort would be really easy to implement. 
  • The forums are on a separate site now and focused purely on support. You even need a different login. Again, no social aspect to this.
  • Inability to add events. I used to use the site to keep track of upcoming shows I was interested in. Now, still no way to add stuff, which means nothing's there. 
  • Recommendations: There used to be a visible bio for each artist, now it's just the image and similar artists, and you have to click in to read anything about the band. Also you can't dismiss recommendations anymore. They just stay there and update once in a while.
  • The "Live" page widgets are fucking useless as they focus on trending music that has nothing to do with your own interests. If only this was catered to individual users' tastes and their friends, this would be a REALLY cool page, and where social interaction would be initiated. They totally dropped the ball here.

So all that said, they've made some unfathomably stupid decisions over the last few years, but I'm still a music nerd and like to see my own stats. My ultimate dream would be if Spotify bought last.fm (still allowing you to scrobble via iTunes and the like, of course) as they're doing much cooler stuff with data, and actually care more about social integration even though they still have a ways to go too.

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Member since 2005 - http://www.last.fm/user/Machiventa
I used to use the last.fm client and website for streaming back when I joined, but quit when they got rid of multi-artist and multi-tag radio (man I miss that feature). I've been scrobbling almost daily from every player I've used over the years, and still check out my charts. I used to use their social features such as forums and groups a lot, but used them less over the years as they lost traffic. Ever since the recent catastrophic launch of the beta site and removal of tons of features, I now strictly use it for scrobbling, and checking out similar artists.

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