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Haven't been here in a while but I've been working on the label a lot and we're releasing the 2nd LP by Pill Friends.


Watch "Bleed"'s music video: 


PO Vinyl/Tape here: http://goo.gl/HkIo0o

PO Digital here/listen to 2 tracks: http://goo.gl/1FBRkW


FFO: All those super lofi groups from the East. Teen Suicide/ Elvis D/ Alex G, etc etc. 


I'm really excited for this.

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holy shit :o


I don't think I am ordering them all but I have nine in my cart now. I will come back for the others at some point when I have some more to burn. It's all solid stuff, RIP my wallet.


Oh shit thank you so much just got your order!



so glad this band is still around, got a pink tape, will eventually get the vinyl


Thank you so much as well!



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