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PO - Brad Fiedel - Terminator 1 OST (Remastered)

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Can't tell if this has been posted but here goes. (if it has feel free to take this down mods)




Remastered Score by Brad Fiedel. Gatefold 180 Gram Double LP - Red / Blue Splattered. Through Milan Records, release date is April 8. Couple of images of the final product in the spoilers.

01 Main Title
02 Terminator Arrival / Reese Chased / Sarah on Motorbike
03 Terminator Gets Guns / Search for Sarah
04 Reese Dreams of Future War
05 Sarah Watches News / Enters Tech Noir
06 Matt & Ginger Killed / Sarah Calls Detectives
07 Reese & Sarah in Garage
08 Arm & Eye Surgery
09 “I’ll Be Back” / Police Station & Escape
10 Future Flashback
11 “Fuck You Asshole”
12 Love Scene
13 Tunnel Chase
14 Death By Fire / Terminator Gets Up
15 Factory Chase
16 End Credits: Final Suite
17 The Terminator Theme (Extended Version)


PO: http://shop.artistarena.com/artists-1/milan-records/the-terminator-original-motion-picture-soundtrack.html



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I think at the end of the day if you really want it you'll just bite the bullet on the price point because it's going to get flipped to extreme prices.

I might have too, I just think it's unfair and it becomes a race against time because of those stupidass scalpers.


Did Robocop ever drop in price?

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