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The Biggest Loser - VC Edition 2016


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From what I have understood, eating healthy (right amount of calories) goes a long way. Combining that with a couple, or three, walks a week is even better.


And who says you need the gym to work out? I haven't been to the gym in ages, I always work out at home. 5 minutes is better than no minutes too, as long as you warm up, so you don't hurt yourself.


Dieting is about 60% of it and I cut about 40lbs of just doing home yoga and kettlebell workouts

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Weighed myself this morning and I'm down 3lbs for the week.  Ate out once this week and that was Chick Fil-a (Grilled chicken nuggets, fries, and a chick fil a sandwich.  Finished Insanity Max-30 and i think i lost around 15 lbs or so over the 2 months. Thinking about starting Insanity Asylum next but, I might just start Max 30 over. 


Hope everyone else did well this week

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I'm late to the party but I'm gunna pitch in here & post some of my progress...

Stopped training / eating well religiously in about September, it's taken its toll thats for sure, put on about 25-30 lbs of shit fatty weight.


Jumped back on the horse a few days ago, starting with 45 minutes intervals on the crosstrainer which was some effort given my time off.

First weights session tonight. Looking forward to seeing how weak I've become.


Only problem is diet, I work away and I'm able to get 3 square meals a day (not my usual 6-7 whilst in training mode) and the food we're provided with is DOGSHIT. Looks like i'll be living off the 15 cans of tuna I have & a couple of protein shakes.



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Legit best looking vc'er


Next to you baby :D


Hit the gym at 615am this morning, trucking through this 11 hr work day. Forcing a hard reset on my sleep schedule to get me prepped for time change and the next two days on the road :D


Probably going to start back up my fat burner stack in the next month or so to get back below <8% bf

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Weighed in yesterday. After a week of getting back on the train, and eating correctly to the best of my ability at work, I'm down 11 lbs. I was holding so much fucking water though, knew the first bit would just drop off. Another 35 to go.


It's been a lot easier getting back into it than I thought. Done 30-45 minutes HIIT cardio each night (apart from Wednesday). My strength has taken a hit though, not lifting on a regular has taken its toll. DL down to 170kg (final set, working up from 60kg) for a double. Was 210kg for a double (working up again). Bench is down to 80kg for 6 from about 110kg.


It's gunna be a rough road ahead but i'm enjoying it and taking each session with focus. That's what matter's, right? 


Sounds like everyone in here is on track!

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I was hoping this would help encourage me to keep up. But I haven't been making the progress I want. For Now, I'll be dropping out of this little competition. I learned a lot and plan to come back and read some of the information you guys have provided when I'm actually ready to buckle down.


Thanks guys and keep up all of your weight loss - you're all doing great!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Everyone losing steam? Down a total of 11 lbs, hit my lowest on Friday morning at 211 aside from putting on some water weight this weekend due to wedding food tasting it's going great! Getting a lot of my shoulder definition back. My carbs are still at 121g per day probably going to keep it there for the next two weeks then drop it again to around 100-110g. I want to crack single digits this week, ultimately 209 by my Friday morning weigh in. Once I hit 200 lbs hopefully by the end of April I'll go maintenance calories. hold there for about a month and then go back to losing again June/July. Goal is to be 190 (or slightly less) for my wedding on October 8th. We leave for our honeymoon December 26th so I'll probably look to start gaining weight again around mid December and try to put some size back on from December-March then start this cycle over again. 

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