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Info Needed on rare Rinx Record #240 (pictures provided)

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Hello...I would LOVE some info on this particular Rinx Record. I'm an avid record collector and haven't seen this one before. I emailed the label and they provided the below info... any other info would be greatly appreciated. Collectible? valuable? Pictures below:



It is record #240 from the label. 


Side 240-A  ST. LOUIS BLUES   (Handy)   92 Blues  Organist: Fred Bergin  (ASCAP)


Side 240-B  BASIN STREET BLUES n(Williams)   92 Blues     Organist:  Lee White   (ASCAP)      (If the label that you have reads  Fred Bergin  Organist it is a printing error)


The two songs were recorded 1955,  only 3 copies left.  


Fred Bergin was the founder of Rinx Records which he started in 1950 out of Denver Colorado.


During the 1950’s & 60’s he hired various organists to record for him.  Lee White is a lady organist.





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Hi there,  What were you needing to know. That is definitely a very late repressing of the record. The originals were all red vinyl in the early years. The Red vinyl with kinda greyish labels were original in those years until they made the labels more off yellowish. All 45 pressings were on red vinyl  until they started using blue on Blues , Yellow on Waltzes, Purple for Tango's , Marches were Green. Later on they went the cheap way as they started using all black vinyl and started color coding the labels instead.  But all Rinx Records were pressed on high quality vinyl. No rotten Polystyrene which are thicker than vinyl and non flex and the labels always have bubbles under them. EEck!  If you need I can submit some pix of the same record showing each variation so you can tell originals from second pressings. I bought the vault out at Rinx some years ago. Lee White was married to a brain surgeon ,fantastic organists. I alway's liked Jimmy Caro's tunes too.  Rinx # 280 "Kitten On The Key's" has hidden from  me for decades. Dominic even checked with old rinks to see if he could find one. Answer. No. I have the one from my dad's skating rink but I cracked it by accident. It still will play but I play it on a really cheap player and not a expensive Magnetic cartridge. I have thousands of the Rinx. Most all new unplayed. They were under the rink floor in the Moonlight Roller Rink. They are fantastic folk's. Kinda the end of an era.  I have a bit of memorabilia from Rinx records as well.

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