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7" Sale - lots of $1, $3 and $5 records + Joyful Noise flexis, Me First Square Dance Series + more


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Yo. I'm clearing out my 7"s. $3 flat shipping on everything, minimum $6 total before shipping. Make offers on big lists, I am flexible for sure. You will 100% guaranteed get as much extra stuff as I can fit into the mailer.

$1 7"s:

Anti-Flag - Bright Lights of America

Arms Aloft - Comfort at Any Cost

Capdown - No Matter What

Earlimart - Song For

Hawks & Doves - Hush Money (pink)

Heavy Hearted - Heavy Hearted (yellow)

Heks Orkest - Endless Scroll

Junk Culture - Hang Roxy

Loren Connors - Christmas Day

New Villager - Rich Doors b/w Ghengis On

Papermoons - Papermoons

Rock Paper Stupid - Suck Creek (green)

Scream Hello - Art of the Underground #35

Senders - Recovery

The Takers - Curse of a Drunk (silver)

We Are the Physics ‎– You Can Do Athletics, BTW

Winterkids - Wonderland

[split] - Apocalypse Meow / Rational Anthem (Black)

[split] - Benard/Worn in Red (red)

[split] - [/font][/size]Dude Jams / Rumspringer (black)

[split] - Fake Problems/Ninja Gun (clear)[/font][/color]

[split] - Get Rad / Call Me Lightning (Blue)

[split] - In the Red/Anchor Down/Bastards of Young/Drunken Boat

[split] - Little League/Small Talk/Backpocket/Senders (purple)

[split] - The Measure [sa]/New Bruises (maroon)

[split] - Pretty Boy Thorson/Used Kids/Ninja Gun/Tim Version (grey)

[split] - Southerly/Protest Hill [/font][/color]

Live at Skull Alley series - Coliseum/ZCFOS/Straight A's

Live at Skull Alley series - Fork in Socket/Rest Assured/Houses in Motion

$3 7"s

Fucked Up - Couple Tracks

Lemuria - Varoom Allure (1st press black)

Look Mexico - Gasp Asp (1st press white)

North Lincoln - s/t (1st Press Clear/White /10 apparently??)

Sick Sick Birds - All the Fins in the Sea

[split] - Vacation Bible School/The God Damn Doo Wop Band (mint green)

[split] - Half-Handed Cloud / Ariel Pink

Dangerous Intersections I - Rational Anthem/Iron Chic/Amen and the Hell Yeahs/Unwelcome Guests

Dangerous Intersections II - Basement Black/Dead Mechanical/Pretty Boy Thorson/The Measure [sa]

Dangerous Intersections VI - No High Fives to Bullshit/The Manix/The Humanoids/The Taxpayers (blue)

Under the Influence Vol. 2: Ninja Gun/Whiskey & Co (gold /300)

Under the Influence Vol. 10: O Pioneers!!!/New Bruises (white /500)

Under the Influence Vol. 12: Kevin Seconds/Kepi Ghoulie (white /500)

$5 7"s

Andrew WK - I'm a Vagabond

Lemuria - Ozzy (1st press brown)

[split] - William Elliot Whitmore / P.O.S (black)

[split] - Person L / Weatherbox (green)

You Don't Want These 7"s. Sure, They're Nice, Real Nice In Fact, But I Don't Think You'd Be Interested In High-End 7"s Like These. Why Don't I Show You Some Nice Practical Mid-Sized 7"s Instead

Bridge and Tunnel - Live at Fest 9 (Rebuilding Year preorder exclusive) $10

Flight of the Conchords - Pencils in the Wind b/w Albi the Racist Dragon $8

NOFX - NOFX (clear w/ black splatter) $10

Paper Tiger (Doomtree) - Cloquet $10

St. Vincent - Krokodil $50

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Square Dance Series (round colored versions) - $25 ppd for the lot

Dolly (green)

Cash (red)

Willie (blue)

Kenny (white)

Jerry (yellow)

Joyful Noise Records 2013 Flexi Series - No Box - make an offer, I have no idea

Here's what's in it: https://www.discogs.com/label/492953-Joyful-Noise-2013-Flexi-Disc-Series

All in Vinyl Split Series (Yellow sleeves /60, colored vinyl) - make an offer on individuals or the set

The Scare / OK Pilot

How Dare You / Just Panic

Red City Radio / The Great St. Louis

Dirty Tactics / Bangers

Madison Bloodbath / Calvinball

Cheap Girls / Above Them

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