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WTB Stereo Skyline "The Worst Case Scenario" EP CD - 250$

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Looking for this CD:



This is the only one left in my collection and I'm out of luck.  Actually, I am the one who added it to the Discogs database.  Feel free to look at photos and such (Don't bother browsing eBay or any other sites for purchase, don't waste your time like I did haha).


I live in Canada - Paying from $100  to $250 (This is not a troll).  Please contact if anyone can (ever) assist.  I love this record so much. =(

If any unsubscribed users stumble accross this thread from Google, you can always reply to this thread or if you don't feel like creating an account, email me anytime (Do so even if this thread is YEARS old) at gamex [dot] launchpad [at] gmail [dot] com .

Thank you very much

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