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1 hour ago, jhulud said:

It's amazing how many NIN/TR projects get announced and hyped up throughout the years to essentially just fade away into nothingness and empty promises.


To be a NIN fan is often frustrating.


Agreed but since TR got clean there's been pretty consistent output whether it be NIN or the sound track work there's always lots of new NINish stuff to check out. Sure beats the years of radio silence between projects back in the day. But it is hard not to imagen all that could have been. 



Also unrelated NIN.com has added a ton of new shirts stuff from the tour as well as other stuff  

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Listening to a NIN podcast that interviews Rob Sheridan mentions he's doing some work on the With Teeth remastered artwork for the LP, so they're working on them. Here's a link if you want to check it out

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