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7 hours ago, Rip said:


That’s kind of part of the joke.  If you saw the episode that the song was from, then I don’t think you’d be questioning it.


Then again, I expect to hear this song on the radio soon seeing as it fits right in with everything else that’s popular right now.  Miley and Trent will then proceed to laugh all the way to the bank.

Trent already has the #1 song in the country for the last 7 (8?) weeks.


Throw in this and he's bigger than T-Swift these days.



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19 hours ago, Derek™ said:

If one of the remaining songs is the full cover of Head Like A Hole from the ending sequence, what do you imagine the 4th track would be?  Really hope it’s RWIB, but when it’s extracted from Ashley’s consciousness in all of its 8-second garbled, feral glory.

There was HLAH x2 (pop and cover), RWIB x3 (piano, pop, and aggro), and apparently an unused cover of Hurt ('Flirt').  So maybe On a Roll, Right Where It Belongs, Flirt, and Head Like a Hole (Ashley Fuckn O Version)?

I'd be down to hear the other versions of RWIB too.

Also, while we're here posting NIN mash ups


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8 minutes ago, jhulud said:

I have a couple of bootleg soundboard recordings CD's from back in the day. Would that help?

No I’m looking to ask something for the record specifically. Basically I want to know if the LP version has the long pinion intro that builds up then winds down before going straight into terrible lie or if it just starts with terrible lie

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