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PO: Dance Gavin Dance - Tree City Sessions

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the half clear/coke bottle is being sold at amazon according to someone on reddit. src might be selling that variant as well but i dont know. my amazon one is coming this monday so ill let you guys kn

No download codes inside the LP, might come with one on release date through merchnow.

I bought the Half Oxblood/Beer, because honestly I'm kinda meh about this.
1) I'm assuming it's a better recording of this set: 

So that's +1
2) Rise said there was a new release this year from DGD, and this better not be it.... -1
3) I'm not about that pay an extra $$ to get a rarer variant life. I already have 4 DGD shirts from other releases.... 

Also: it shows 3 variants in the photo but theres only 2 on merchnow. Where's the green one at?
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Curious, indeed..


(posting to remind myself to order)



EDIT for tracklist:

1) Alex English (Tree City Session)

2) The Robot With Human Hair Pt.4 (Tree City Session)

3) Tree Village (Tree City Session)

4) Lemon Meringue Tie (Tree City Session)

5) We Own the Night (Tree City Session)

6) Thug City (Tree City Session)

7) Carl Baker (Tree City Session)

8) Death of a Strawberry (Tree City Session)

9) The Jiggler (Tree City Session)

10) Me and Zoloft get Along Just Fine (Tree City Session)

11) Spooks (Tree City Session)

12) And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman (Tree City Session)

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