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Preamp interference?

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How's this for odd.

I've owned a Schiit Mani preamp for about a year or so now. Today I flip the receiver on and immediately can clearly hear a local radio station coming in through my speakers. I swapped in an older one I had and it's dead silent. Nothing has moved or changed. I was just spinning Bowie at the Beeb last night and it sounded amazing. Now in all the quiet spots, I'm hearing top 40 hits

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I had weird interference on my phone preamp (Hagerman Bugle 2) when my Apple Airport Express was too close to it, exacerbated when my phone was closer to the Airport Express. I moved the preamp to be on the other side of the amp and have had no interference since - though mine was more static popping than radio interference.

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Atmospherics effect radio waves in some very strange ways and change the conditions of signal spread on a very regular basis, ask any radio amateur about Sporadic E propagation especially on HF frequencies


That's the correct technical answer but for the easily suggestible then Aliens so get the tin foil out and make sure you save some to make a hat out of.

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Good point station transmitter upgrades.


All cable can act as an aerial except generally when you want it to, also just try some contact cleaner on the connections, if the earth side gets dirty it can do it and you might find just unplugging one end and plugging it into the filter cleaned it enough to get rid of it on it's own.


RF noise and breakthough has been giving design engineers sleepless nights for years. 

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OK, so its not fixed. The RCA noise filter actually filters out the music too? Wtf? I can't hear the TT with the filter plugged in, but no feedback either. But remove the filter and I can hear the TT and the radio feedback. Is the signal from the TT so low that the filter actually filters it out? That's the only thing I can think of to explain it. The filter works normally with car audio.

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