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I always see people saying "x amount of people in line, I hope I can get this" why don't you just walk up and ask people what they're getting lol

And if the person in front isn't getting what you're getting...aka them to grab one for you. Boom. Problem solved.

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Grabbed the Radical Face box (my main want) Xiu Xiu, Appleseed Cast and Death.

Successful day and I only had to wait about 3.5 hours.

My friend went for me and I almost had her grab the Radical Face box... kind of regretting not getting it now :/


Also, for people looking for Mac Demarco, apparently Park Ave in Orlando, FL had a bunch(5+) of them about an hour ago. Limit is 1 per customer.

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Did a 3 store tour this morning, and didn't really end up getting RSD-specific albums for myself, though picked up 4 different things for VCers. I did however get Okkervil River's the Stage Names for super cheap, a record I always have been meaning to get but never actually picked up. I also got Sturgill Simpson's A Sailor's Guide to Earth and Margo Price's Midwest Farmer's Daughter (both are fantastic for anyone who loves raw old school country). I considered the Emmylou Harris and Big Star, but both were close to $50, which was too much for me.



In Toronto, June Records had a small but reasonable selection, and I found it really easy to get in and out of the store with everything I wanted in about ten minutes.


Rotate This had way too much of everything, and the world's slowest checkout line. I can guarantee that if you're looking for something that isn't too rare, you can go tomorrow and get it there. I can only imagine what their RSD discount bin will look like in a couple of months. They also had a stack of about 20 Shadowy Men boxes (they were originally from Toronto, so I guess that would be why). They didn't really seem to be flying off the shelves...


I think the biggest shame about this RSD was that so many of the records were so crazy expensive. There were albums I might have considered had they been a more appropriate price, but I wasn't willing to pay the some of the prices. 

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Got everything I wanted! Great RSD experience, got to the Salt Lake City Graywhale about an hour before opening. They were awesome and helped me find everything, ended up getting the last copy of a few of these. 




-Andrew McMahon & the Wilderness

-Wolf Alice

-Twenty One Pilots 



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