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So yes, I posted those RSD lists.

The one's that the people from RSD where not so happy about. And the one's you so respectfully deleted because they asked.

Now, without a single warning, message,... my account has been blocked. Really respectful!

After contacting you (the admins, a moderator, twitter,...) I still have not heard anything back. Once again... really respectful!

It would be nice if someone could unblock me so I can use my old account again.

And since the RSD list has officially been announced I can't leak anything else.;-)

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well there ya go


No, the first topic was deleted without any information given.



not that my opinion matters to the mods, but yeah that seems unfair. the mods should have messaged you first time they deleted and why since the previous years RSD lists have never been deleted (as far as I can remember).

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