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Streetlight Manifesto/BOTAR Re-Issues

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I was under the impression that the copyright infringement part of the lawsuit was that Victory did not consider keasbey nights redux and the covers album to be part of the contract fulfillment.

We've seen bands such as reel big fish and unwritten law release new albums made up of re-recorded old songs, in both cases greatest hits. It was done because their respective labels owned the albums the songs appeared on, and they wanted to be able to have ownership of those songs again. Because the Streetlight demo and BOTAR were done before streetlight was on Victory, I'm sure these new vinyl released are fine. The cd versions of both have been in existence for years.

That's true, but now that the lawsuit has been invoked, I think they now care about screwing the band in every possible way. In the past, they didn't care about the self released CD's, but now, all of this can be used as an argument for their case. On pages 4 and 5 of the complaint, they claim the rights to the C-22 and SM songs (http://www.scribd.com/doc/298806254/Victory-Records-Complaint-Against-Tomas-Kalnoky-and-Streetlight-Manifesto).


And on pages 8 and 9 they claim the Toh Kay releases are a breach of contract for re-recording/ releasing songs they "own." Following that same logic, I think these releases are possibly in danger. 


I have some experience in this type of law, but I'm no lawyer so how I read it isn't necessarily right. That's just my take.

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15 hours ago, circuit bored records said:

Bumpin this dusty thread.. just saw that the band posted a 25% off sale with code SPRINGSALE at the RISC store a couple of days ago. All four Streetlight albums in the bundle come to about $58 including shipping, not too bad

I can't choose media mail if I use discount code for 2 or more items, not bundle 


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