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Mind Over Matter Records Releases Hype Machine Thread - RIGHT NOW: 27 - A Billion Searchlights 12" LP

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6 hours ago, throwgncpr said:

kudos for working so closely with the band. Let's hope this first press does well! (I'm in)

I can't wait to share all of the details on this one (soon!) because it was very much a group project between all of the crazy shit that I wanted to do and all of the things that Brett & Co wanted to do. 


They really wanted to go out with a "bang" and there were some details about the CD release that were never handled properly (i.e. the artwork/layout, etc), so there was about 2 years worth of back and forth that went into getting this ready to press. I'm glad it's finally seeing the light of day!

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7 hours ago, throwgncpr said:

^ This. It took a while to grow on me. I really disliked Love (and still do to this day), but Deadbeat is a solid album.

I hated Love too at first, and it did grow on me. I bought this CD when it came out in 2005. I played it much of 2005/6 and it never really had an impact on me. I'll throw it on here and there but it's my least favorite of their output.

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Here is the good stuff first, and then I will get into the full story behind the release:

  • Limited to 500 copies
  • 2xLP pressing housed inside of a quad-gatefold jacket that opens up to over 4 feet in length
  • Entire gatefold lives inside of a screen-printed, hand-crafted slip cover made here at MOMR
  • Each copy is hand-numbered
  • Deluxe Anniversary pressing includes 4 bonus tracks from the original sessions (these were at one time available as DVD audio on the CD/DVD pressing back in 2005, but do not exist in a format that is easily played)
  • We scoured for months and eventually had to go back to the recording studio in order to get the original audio for these bonus tracks.  Whew!
  • Re-worked liner notes that include lyrics for the bonus tracks as well as a foreword from Josh Fiedler (guitar), printed on super thick cardstock
  • A unique take on the "hidden track" phenomenon of the 90s and 00s tucked into Side C ^_^
  • The package as a whole is a MONSTER - it weighs in at nearly TWO POUNDS and the spine view of it is over 1/2" thick.  DAYUM.

Preorders begin this Saturday 7/16.  I will launch them at Noon PST because a dude likes to sleep in on the weekends, aight?  Mailing list folks:  your exclusive link will go out on Thursday night.  Sometime after I eat dinner.  I'll post a few "heads up" notifications on Twitter and IG, so you can set up alerts on those if you want to literally be the first to know. 


We will be giving away two test presses:  one for mailing list preorders who order between Thursday night and Saturday at noon (yes, I will compare the winner to the mailing list to make sure that they didn't cheat their way into getting the link) and another for any preorder made before the official release date of 8/19.    Why do you want a test press?!  This is why:

  • It has all of the same specifications as the final release except that we made the quad gatefolds entirely by hand!
  • Colors are inverted as silver ink on black board (again, reminiscent of the CD/DVD release for those who have/had it)
  • Hand numbered out of 25
  • Seriously, these things are fucking cool.  Best test press jackets that you will EVER see.  I guarantee it!
  • I'll post photos later, once I take some more outside of the one on the first page.

As I mentioned, the release date is 8/19, but these are in hand and I am frantically creating slip covers as you read this.  We will be shipping them out so that many/most will arrive long before the release date.


That's a lot of words.  Is anyone here interested in the backstory or (more) details about this bad boy?

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18 hours ago, mindovermatter said:

That's a lot of words.  Is anyone here interested in the backstory or (more) details about this bad boy?

I would love to hear the backstory, as well. Love this band and this album. I ripped the extra songs off the DVD years ago so that I could have the digital files, so I'm excited that these will be included on the record. Awesome job, and I'm looking forward to having this in my hands!

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38 minutes ago, xtobi-wanx said:

Mailing list link is up.

For that package, the record pricing of $25 is awesome. However, shipping to Europe is a killing me (actually another $25).


Anyone from Germany interested in ordering together to save on shipping?

This thing is so heavy that it murders international shipping costs. :-(


if if no one wants to do a group buy, send me an email - I'm sure we can work something out so that you don't get hosed too badly.


[email protected]

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